07/03/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Sex & the Single Mom

Tom Leykis has great advice for single men -- prey on single moms. This advice, shared by a DINKy best friend and her hubby who found it hysterical was actually rather offensive. Single mothers are 'lonely, horny and tied down to a few hours of availability' which means minimal attention and time requirements from 'suitors', maximum sexual pleasure and the ever-present excuse of 'but the kid ain't mine' when the time comes to pull the plug. He suggests making promises you've no intention of keeping. DINK husband, in his bachelor days pulled this trick successfully on more than one single mother. Single mom's new mantra -- "Tom Leykis fans need not apply". That is, assuming there's energy left over after putting the tot(s) to rest at the end of a very long day to get sexy, sassy and dolled up enough to go on the hunt for datable material! Mustering the energy to date at all can be trying enough without the reality of Leykis followers waiting to pounce.

According to St. Tom, single moms are easy targets because they frequently have little adult conversational intercourse outside of the professional realm, thus comparing the 'lines' to plain kindness can be tough. Especially when you factor in the Leykis-loving male set shamelessly filling any orifice they're privy to, woe be gone the moral implications of deceit.

Being an affectionate and very sexual single woman and mother, there's often a tiny pang of envy for those with a partner to share their bed at day's end if only for the sex. Ah -- the simplicity of coitus when it's in house! Single mothers simply have another person's feelings to consider and must maintain a constant vigil for the protection of her offspring from the Tom Leykis fan who might purport to be a wanna be daddy then ditch. The thought of explaining to your child or children what happened to a man who has become a frequent fixture in the house when he, Leykis enthusiast or not, is enough to make you either swear off sex altogether and bolster your sex toy arsenal or to proceed with the utmost "arms-length" out of house caution any responsible mother must.

I wonder, how Mr. Leykis would have felt watching a man do the things he suggests and encourages to his mother .