04/03/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

There's Nothing Secret About The Secret -- You Were Born With It

I'm fascinated with a crowded baby shower thrown in my abode this evening, not just for the vast and varied turnout, but for the heated conversatioin about The Secret.

As far as I was concerned, the Secret was a mere reminder of how to shut out the noise long enough to hear your truth. This is the same truth we are all born with, regardless of our race, creed, religion, culture or background. If you cut my arm or yours, no matter what color our skin, we're still bleeding red. Fundamentally, we are all one in this human community.

The fact that we busy ourselves so much with acoutrements that matter nothing to our soul's view astounds me.

From Mother Theresa to Gandhi to Ama to Khalil Ghibran to St, Francis of Assisi to Rumi to Galileo, those capable of crossing cultural lines and the bounds of linear time have resonated with the same message: LOVE! That is to say, whether you're a scientist, a scholar, an artist or a hedon, you know, somewhere within, that your fundamental drives are identical to those of each of your fellow human beings, regardless of how different they may appear to your conscious mind.

The training and conditioning we're subject to in our disparate experiences of media, family, society, culture, geography and education cause this breakdown in our ability to even attempt to communicate on an empathic, human level with one another.

Nevertheless, stare into the face of any innocent child, regardless of their birthplace on this vast, varied and over-extended planet of ours, and you will see that we are all born with a fascination, an awe, a respect for this life we were blessed with.

To stare at any member of our human space in judgement is to deny your own humanity, your own place in the grand scheme of things. To not long for a greater connection to the underlying wisdom, to drown yourself and your soul in the noise and distraction convincing you that you aren't perfect in the eyes of God and the universe is to deny your ability to become the person you were sent here to be.

To deny your heart the opportunity to accept all of our human counterparts as equal participants in the creation and existence of something far greater than ourselves is to fail yourself and all of us.

The secret lives within you. You were born with it. There's nothing secret about it.

So, shut down your cell phone once in a while. Listen to your inner voice. The only secret in the universe lies in the very soul of every one of us, and we're waiting for you to listen.