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Watch the Final Episode of 'Foodies' & Help Invent 'Tiger Blood'

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Editor's note: We've been following the new web series Foodies for the past few weeks. Now, food blogger (and Foodies star) Danny Domenica joins the HuffPost Food family.

Watch the final episode of this mini-season of Foodies:

Here's Danny:

Hey HuffPo's,

I need your help. And before you roll your eyes, there's a prize involved. Also, it's about booze.

I am a simple man, with a simple dream: To have a drink worthy of the name "Tigerblood."

Oh sure, Charlie Sheen will be dead by sweeps, but in the meantime there's the stage tour. And don't leave out his random appearances on late-night TV, radio networks and in trash-filled storm drains. Charlie Sheen isn't so much a human being as he is a living, breathing drinking game come to life.

But the only thing missing is a drink worthy of his insanity. Which is why I'm turning to you, the foodie masses, for a solution. Here's what you have to do:

- Post your recipe in the comments.
- Write a short description of the drink and why it's total troll poison.
- Post before 11:59PST April 15, 2011.

I'll select the best drink, declare a winner and not only will the drink be featured in a future episode of Foodies, you'll also get a $150.00 gift certificate to Bar Keeper, Silver Lake's serious cocktail shop.

What are you waiting for? Start winning.


Watch the whole series at

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