Are Fleeing Democratic Lawmakers Being "Juvenile"?

02/26/2011 09:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Democratic legislators are hiding out in Illinois as they stall votes on anti-union bills and other measures supported by Republicans, reports the Associated Press. As Americans debate the issue - and the Democrats' stand - a California man has offered the fleeing Wisconsinites to stay there while they delay proceedings. As the politicians weigh their options,they say "most people from their home districts still seem supportive, and their families, if confused as the days dragged on, still seemed patient," reports The New York Times. Their courage is debatable, though, as some oppose these stalling tactics. Here, a rundown of some recent opinions from around the country:

Go home already: This "showy boycott" has to end, says the Chicago Tribune in an editorial. "The Wisconsinites should go home. So should the Indiana lawmakers who abandoned their Legislature in copycat fashion. They need to show they can be responsible stewards of the public purse." Respect your elected lawmakers, people - "elections have consequences" and it's time to accept that. It's not dignified for public officials to "run and hide."

It'll hurt the Dems in the long run: "The one fundamental political truism in America is that Democrats always find a way to self-destruct," says rocker Ted Nugent in the Washington Times. "This juvenile, pro-union stunt has only tightened the political noose for Democrats in 2012." Even if the lawmakers pretend this is a show of solidarity, "Americans intrinsically know that running away is a sign of weakness." It's the GOP's time to shine. "My, how times change quickly."

We should have avoided this whole thing: "I 100 percent support demonstrations and protesting against a bill, but this could have been largely avoided if the 2010 election hadn't been run by the tea party," says Thomas Miller in the Indianapolis Star. If we had "voted in just a few more state senators to actually fight the bill in legislation," we would have beaten politicians who "ran on platforms that guaranteed something like this would happen." Let's learn this lesson for 2012. "We always have a choice."