03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Barack Obama Learning Work Ethic From His Daughter Malia

In an interview that aired on Sunday night, Barack Obama told Oprah that he deserves a B+ for his work in his first year as President. If health care passes, it'll rise to an A-. Both Republicans and Democrats were left scratching their heads over the self-appointed grade, as there's little progress and surefire numbers to prove that this high mark is justified. Some wonder what ratings system Obama was using to make his judgment. See video of the interview below:

While watching Obama give himself such a stellar grade, I was reminded of a statement he made last month about education. His daughter, Malia brought home an 80-something on an assignment, which she was proud of, and Obama told her that they shoot for As, not Bs. See that video below:

When Obama was questioned about his performance, he couldn't very well give himself a low mark for his first year in office. That would come across as weak to the American people, although they might have appreciated what they recognized as a more honest approach and answer. But, moreover, it would have sent a bad message to Obama's daughters after he publicly chastised them for going for silver instead of gold.

The problem that Obama has run into in his own professional - and strikingly educational in its humbling message - aspirations is that when going for gold you could also come up shorter than just a silver medal. If Obama were to have gone below a B+ with his response, he would have faced a tougher critic than the American people: his loving daughter at home waiting to say "I told you so."