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Dara Barlin
Dara Barlin founded A Big Project in January of 2012. A Big Project is a one year effort of people from around the world to clarify where we all agree, and to share the news in ways that can reach people’s hearts –- through art and music. We are currently looking for creative people in all world regions to express their visions for a better world through the Global Arts Renaissance on December 20, 2012*.

*The Renaissance will occur the day before the Mayan Calendar predicts a world-wide shift to a more humane society. We are using this day as a rallying point, and do not endorse the prediction as true or false. But by uniting to express all of our visions for a better world on a day when people everywhere are talking about global transformation, we will have the collective power to help life change.

Dara has an eclectic background, with experience in the fields of education research, policy, community and union organizing, and philanthropy. Prior to initiating A Big Project, she focused her efforts on increasing equity and achievement in public schools. She has provided policy, research and advocacy support for the New Teacher Center, Ford Foundation, ReLearning Curve, and Institute for Public Policy Research (UK). In addition, she has led over a dozen successful organizing campaigns for the American Federation of Teachers and Human Rights for All.

Dara has published several articles and a book on systems change in education which have earned the title of ‘the most widely read’ on several online platforms including Harvard Education Letter, Ed Week and IPPR’s ‘What’s Hot’ Column.

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Entries by Dara Barlin

Underneath the Violence in Gaza and Israel, Peace Is Bubbling Up

(14) Comments | Posted December 5, 2012 | 7:07 PM

The bombings in Gaza and Israel remind us how violent our world still is. Yet look beyond the bombs, the guns, the blood and the crying on both sides and you will find something very surprising -- the unrelenting effort of Israelis and Palestinians building peace from the ground up....

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Nature's Worst Brings Out Our Best

(2) Comments | Posted November 2, 2012 | 6:46 PM

I sit here in my Brooklyn apartment in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Reports are flowing in of friends and colleagues who have had homes destroyed. The lack of access to subways and ongoing power outages have made it confusing and difficult to go anywhere. Billions of dollars in property...

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