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Darell Hammond


6 Ways To Get Kids Outside And Moving This Summer

Posted: 06/01/11 09:19 AM ET

While children count down the days until summer, one question looms large for their parents: "What are they going to do?" Summer should be a time for roaming, discovering and running outside -- but unfortunately, for all too many kids, more free time means more screen time and more structured activities.

It's up to you to ensure that your kids get a healthy daily dose of unstructured outdoor play. Here are six ways to get your children moving, nurture their creativity and provide them with all the rich learning opportunities that outdoor play presents. In the process, you'll meet new neighbors and contribute to a nationwide movement to save play.

Join the Park-A-Day Summer Challenge
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The Park-A-Day Summer Challenge asks parents to take their children to as many local parks, playgrounds or other public play spaces this summer as they can. Why take on the Challenge? For starters, it gives families something to do that's cheap, educational and active, not to mention just plain fun. The Challenge helps kids stay healthy and learn essential life skills as they make new friends and explore their hometown. And parents contribute to a worthy cause by helping to map, photograph and rate local playgrounds.
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To learn why outdoor play is so important to your children's health, and to get more ideas for bringing play to your neighborhood, check out my New York Times bestselling book, "KaBOOM!: How One Man Built a Movement To Save Play."


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