10/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Greatest Hits from McCain/Palin: What a Wonderful World

Losing your shirt in the stock market? Sick of bad news? Need a break from politics?
How about a musical interlude--with that new performing duo: Palin and McCain--singing two of their greatest hits.

Sarah opens with: What a Wonderful World

Don't know much about history
World affairs a total mystery
I don't get the whole economy
Supreme court cases draw a blank from me.
Though I'd rather ban than read the books
I can see from here how Russia looks
What a wonderful vice president I'll be.

Don't know much about the world outside
Ask me how to skin a moose's hide
Don't know much about the bailout plan
But I made sure I can get a tan
Evolution's not in my world view
Global warming is a fiction too
What a wonderful vice president I'll be."

Sarah sure is a pistol.
Now here's John with his version of What A Wonderful World--with apologies to Louis Armstrong:

I see war in Iran
In Georgia too
I'll nuke a country
Or maybe a few,
And I think to myself....
It's a John McCain world.

I see Sarah Palin
Right next to me
Helping to make
Foreign policy
Might sound scary to be...
In a John McCain world.

I've got close ties to Vegas,
And I love to bet,
Putting me in the White House
Is the best gamble yet
Roll the dice and you'll see...
It's a John McCain world.

The economy's a problem
For you not for me
So I don't have good judgment
Or much integrity
That's how it will be...
In a John McCain world. "

I shoot from the hip
And I always talk tough
If you've liked the last 8 years
And haven't had enough
Just wait till you live...
In a John McCain world.

Heard enough?
Avoid an encore.
Vote for Obama.

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