Why Haven't You Been To The Animals Page Yet?

11/23/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Dave Burdick Man about Boulder:,,

This is a quick one for you, dear readers. Consider this a gift amid a roller-coaster economy, the coming cold and ClothingGate.

Have you seen the Huffington Post Animals Big News page?

As you likely know, the Huffington Post has pages that aggregate all of the news on a given subject. Green Living covers lots of tips and stories about how to make your own life a little greener. Bike Culture collects everything on two wheels (no engines allowed).

But the Animals page? All animals, all the time. Struggling whales. Spider attacks. Adorable puppies with satellite devices strapped to them by Russian leaders. Lost bears. Armyworms marching on Texas farms!

If you haven't been reading the Animals page, here's a sampling of what you've been missing:

::Chimp, White Tiger Become Best Friends (PHOTOS)
::Natalie Portman Talks About Economy, Covers Self In Puppies (VIDEO)
::Goat Condoms Save Kenyan Herds
::Horrifying Fish Needs Protection, Says Wildlife Group
::Giant Spider Kills, Eats Bird (PHOTO)