04/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Two Dozen Six Word Political Essays

A few weeks ago NPR did a follow-up piece on a project that Smith Magazine started a couple of years ago. Inspired by Hemingway's shortest story, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn.," they challenged their readers to submit six-word essays on topics like love and relationships. The submissions are on their website,, and they're fascinating, funny and sometimes heartbreaking.

As I find politics heartbreaking, the whole idea inspired me to see if I could capture some of my unexpressed political angst and observations in six-word portions. I found that limiting the amount of words helped focus my thoughts. Here are some of them.

I invite you to respond with your own. I'll be glad to submit them all to Smith Magazine in hopes that they'll be published there, as well.

Let it all out. Feel better.


- Obama cares, so should we all.

- Bush lied, kids died, no jail?

- Why won't Fox tell the truth?

- Rummy's still got attitude, some nerve.

- Hannity spreads hate...every single day.

- My IRA needs a stimulus package.

- Cheney's heart is bad, no surprise.

- Cheney has a heart, big surprise.

- High taxes. Low returns. Perfect storm.

- Rove's a liar, don't forget it.

- Wolfowitz is hiding, and he should.

- O'Reilly's smirk is painful to watch.

- Obama's trying to help, needs time.

- Limbaugh's an evil blowhard. Ignore him.

- Children bring joy to White House.

- Everyone's biased, but Olberman admits it.

- Hannity would be liberal for money.

- Couric's an anchor. Cronkite must wonder.

- Coleman lost. Franken won. Seat him.

- Obama's gray and he'll get grayer.

- Stock market falls, retirement's a pipedream.

- Sun and wind, not more oil.

- Fannie Mae. Freddie Mac. Foolish me.

- John Stewart -- smartest guy on television.


Please add your own. It's cathartic.