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When Did Prospect Park Become a Garbage Dump?

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We like to bring our little one to Prospect Park. That's why we moved to close to it. Now that the weather is nice, every day can be a park day. Or so you'd think.

It appears the warm weather has been a siren call to drop empty malt liquor bottles, juice packets, chicken bones, soiled diapers and every piece of filth and detritus under the Brooklyn sun. The park looks like a resting place for the consumed entire inventory of a local deli. And the crap just stays there all day. Prospect Park is no longer an oasis of nature for urban toddlers but a landmine of bacteria and contagion.

I know Borough President Marty Markowitz is so busy breaking ground at Atlantic Yards or breaking wind at Le P'tit Paris that he may take the maintenance of Prospect Park for granted. But maybe he could alter his budgetary priorities seasonally. Perhaps cut back on the block-to-block deployment of parking ticket maniacs. Or save the money spent on printing those obnoxious fluorescent green stickers; you know the ones that thuggish sanitation cops slap willy-nilly on a car that somebody forgot to move three minutes past time while they tended to a non-ambulatory relative - those stickers that permanently mark vehicles, requiring professional detail work to remove? How about spend just a little on trash pick-up, maybe even an extra garbage can to signal to park goers "this is where you put things when you're done with them"

Because let's be clear: This is not all Marty's fault and you can't put it all on the putative vagrant population. I mean, people, WTF?? Throw out your garbage. I know it might be a Sunday and your nanny (oh, forgive me, "caregiver") is not around to clean up your mess, but could you at least try to pick up an empty Capri Sun just once in a while.

Prospect Park is a local treasure. Our children want to smell the trees, earth and air, not the fragrant backwash of a COBRA 40oz. Enough said.

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