03/16/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Putting Kids In Jail For Profit

In Pennsylvania they caught two judges jailing kids for profit. Here's the scheme: Two privately-run detention centers are built. The judges make a deal with the companies, and order state juvenile detention facilities shut down for being in poor condition. Then they start sentencing lots of kids to serve jail time in the private facilities. Always jail time, for anything, and no lenience. The kids are taken away in shackles. The state gives money to the private facilities for taking the kids, and the judges get kickbacks.

We're talking about 5,000 kids.

See Judges Plead Guilty in Scheme to Jail Youths for Profit.

I think it would be a good idea to look into all situations of people of all ages being sentenced to any privately-run facility. There is a profit motive involved, and we have learned from the banks and from the Republican destruction of the economy what can happen when a profit motive is involved.