04/05/2011 03:32 pm ET | Updated Jun 05, 2011

Interview With Startup STELLAService Co-Founder Jordy Leiser

Welcome to this week's conversation with Jordy Leiser, CEO of STELLAService, one of the most intriguing and sought-after venture-backed startups in NYC. STELLAService rates the customer service performance of online stores and was recently featured in AdAge (here) and on TechCrunch (here).

Below is a short table of contents (with corresponding minutes) of our conversation:

00:27 Jordy's background & how it led to the founding of STELLAService

01:30 Who invested, how the deal came together

02:50 Who is this new player in town, Consiglieri?

4:39 The size of their angel and venture rounds

05:25 Who's the team behind STELLAService?

06:30 Why'd they choose to set-up shop in NYC?

07:15 How a high school internship framed Jordy's perception of branding

07:34 Jordy's previous work with IMG and his experience in sports licensing

08:12 The business model

09:45 The STELLAService Seal and what it means for a company to carry it

10:25 Who are some of the companies displaying the seal?

12:02 How are brands picked and evaluated?

13:25 What's the company doing with all the data it's accumulating?

14:13 How many brands are displaying the seal?

16:00 What's Jordy learning about running a company?

16:30 What's currently happening at STELLAService?

17:08 Are they hiring?

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