05/25/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Report Suggests Theory of Plate-Tectonics Is a "Geo-Blunder"

San Diego-based geophysicist and climate-change-theory opponent J. Marvin Herndon has released a report that he says disproves conventional theories on how the planet's continents formed.

Previously, Herndon called global warming the "greatest science fraud ever." Now he's calling "Pangaea" and plate-tectonics theory a giant "geo-blunder."

In a study published in Current Science this week, Herndon claims that, instead of the earth having one massive island surrounded by water, the earth used to be much smaller, with no ocean and completely covered by land. When the earth expanded, that's when the continents and oceans appeared. He's named this landmass "Ottland" after Ott C. Hilgenberg, a German scientist who proposed a similar idea in 1933.

"People in the geo-sciences have been progressing along the wrong path since the 1940s and before," Herndon tells San Diego CityBeat. "It's a question of going back in time and finding where the errors are, correcting them and progressing forward in a new direction."

He also argues that his research absolves the oil companies of all guilt for offshore drilling.

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