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David A. Cleveland
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Cleveland is a professor in the Environmental Studies Program at UCSB, and the inaugural Sustainability Champion for 2009-10. He is a human ecologist whose research and teaching focuses on small-scale, sustainable agriculture.

He has worked with farmers around the world, including Ghana, Mexico, Pakistan, Zuni and Hopi. His current research includes the potential effects of localizing the Santa Barbara County food system on climate change, nutrition and community.

Blog Entries by David A. Cleveland

Localization -- Necessary, But Not Sufficient

Posted May 31, 2011 | 23:09:05 (EST)

Co-authored by Corie N. Radka and Nora M. Müller

A recent HuffPost article by Tom Zeller on our research spawned hundreds of comments, most of them critical. These commentators incorrectly believe that we think localizing food systems is a waste of time. What our results show...

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