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David Borden
David Borden is founder and Executive Director of Borden played the leading role in pioneering use of the Internet for education and organizing in drug policy reform after founding the organization, then under the name "Drug Reform Coordination Network," or "DRCNet," in late 1993.

Since 2000, Borden has overseen work of the Coalition for Higher Education Act Reform, an effort to repeal a federal law that denies students financial aid because of drug convictions, and in which capacity he played a critical role in the founding of the national organization Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Borden has initiated programs including the John W. Perry Fund scholarship program and the Out from the Shadows international conference series on legalization.

In August 2003, Borden sent an open letter to the District of Columbia's chief judge, Rufus G. King, explaining his decision to refuse to report for jury service as a protest of the drug war, a civil disobedience action which was covered by the Washington Post.

Borden has written hundreds editorials on drug policy, and is the executive editor of the in-depth weekly newsletter Drug War Chronicle.

Borden earned an A.B. with honors in Astrophysical Sciences from Princeton University in 1988, and completed an M.M. in Jazz Composition from New England Conservatory in 1990. He is a native of Englewood, New Jersey, one of the first communities in the state to achieve racial integration in its school system. Borden is also a member of the Boards of Directors of Common Sense for Drug Policy, Flex Your Rights and the International Anti-Prohibitionist League, and of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy Council of Advisors.

Blog Entries by David Borden

What's Up With Liberals Against Marijuana Legalization?

Posted November 10, 2010 | 14:58:41 (EST)

2010-11-10-rallystewartsign.jpgA post by Josh Marshall, editor of the widely-read Talking Points Memo web site, provides a needed reminder that liberals aren't automatically on board for legalization, even of marijuana. In a post that has drug...

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Prop 19 Would Help -- Not Hurt -- Medical Marijuana Patients

Posted September 23, 2010 | 12:49:53 (EST)

Are they misinformed or deliberately lying? I don't know anymore.

A group of medical marijuana dispensaries organized as the California Cannabis Association has come out against Prop 19, California's "Tax and Regulate Cannabis" initiative to legalize marijuana.

The coalition claims that Prop 19's provisions giving local...

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UN Drug Policy in the Dark Ages

Posted July 6, 2010 | 22:33:45 (EST)

Two recently-released reports show that global drug policy is in the dark ages, and that the UN shares the blame for it.

One was the UN's own World Drug Report, an annual product of the...

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SWAT Raids: No One Is Safe

Posted June 22, 2010 | 18:05:12 (EST)

2010-06-16-contracostaswat.jpgMay was a bad month for SWAT. In Columbia, Missouri, a video of the SWAT team killing a dog in the presence of the Whitworth family's seven-year old provoked sustained local outrage and went viral on YouTube....

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