03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

To Repower America With Clean Energy, Meet Me at The Wall

Last week, the call for a new climate and energy future got a lot louder. Have you added your voice?

Thousands of people, including some of America's most respected companies, faith leaders, scientists, members of the armed forces, labor leaders, doctors, among many others, have joined the diverse chorus of Americans supporting clean energy and a solution to our climate crisis. The amplifier for this broad coalition of people saying yes to a clean energy future is the new Repower Wall.

The Repower Wall is a groundbreaking new way to organize and gather the overwhelming support for bold action now in one place. Everyone can go to The Wall, write messages, and upload a photo or a video -- adding their own reasons for supporting the move to clean energy. From national security concerns, to creating millions of new jobs, to concern for the planet that future generations will inherit, this new phase in the Repower America campaign is providing a platform for empowering this growing movement with a very personal and very powerful tool: its own voice.

The Wall stands in stark contrast to the opposition's efforts. While lobbyists are forced to testify before Congress about the fake "grassroots" letters they forged on behalf of their fossil fuel clients, actual real Americans are standing up by the tens of thousands to make their voices heard. The defenders of the status quo know that the tide is turning and they won't go down without a fight. And big oil just launched another wave of advertising to spread more lies about the transition to clean energy and there is certainly more to come.

The response so far has been truly breathtaking. Since last week's public launch, the Wall has grown to include more than 20,000 voices and faces. And it is growing by the day and hour.

As these photos, videos and messages of support post to the Wall, they actually become the voice of the campaign's efforts on TV, in print, on billboards, online and in brand new forms of communication that will go directly to policymakers, elected officials and opinion leaders.

If you spend even a few minutes on the Wall, you'll quickly see why in the end, the status quo just doesn't stand a chance. There are too many urgent reasons to tackle this challenge of a generation, and there is nothing more compelling than hearing them straight from the people who care the most. Big oil's distortions don't stand a chance next to simple truths from a retired Marine General who understands first-hand the sacrifices we will be asking of our men and women in uniform if we are forced to deal with the destabilizing effects of climate change, or even to the mother of three who simply wants to leave her children a healthy planet.

We are building momentum. It's more important than ever that there be a place for the committed individuals, organizations and corporations to come together to make clean energy climate change a reality.

So, be a part of building a clean energy future. Tell your story. Show that the majority of Americans support bold action on clean energy climate change. We are as close as we've ever been and now is the time to make an impact. The defenders of the status quo are spending record amounts lobbying to block change. It's our job to ensure that no matter what big oil and the special interests throw at us, our leaders will usher in a new era of American prosperity, create the millions of jobs that Americans need, end our dependence on foreign oil and solve the climate crisis. Now is our moment. Add your voice.