06/02/2010 10:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Andrew Breitbart on Liberal Left: "I Like to Get Into the Gutter With These People. I Derive a Sick Pleasure From It."

Andrew Breitbart was featured across the country today on The 700 Club. I traveled to Los Angeles to do the interview at his home. I called the piece, "General Andrew Breitbart's New Media War"
Watch here.

Some great quotes from Breitbart in the piece are below:

"I play a scrappy game."...
"I was meant to take on the left."...
"I've had enough with the type of games that they play."...
"The left does not fight fair."..."We can take these people on."..."I'm there to win."
"By aiming everything at the media, I've pretty much done the one thing that they ask you not to do (which is) 'please accept the premise that we're fair and let's move on. No. I am not going to accept that premise."
"I like to get into the gutter with these people. I derive a sick pleasure from it."
"I grew up loathing the religious right to the core of my being. But it wasn't a thought process. It what was handed to me."
"I am not Christian but I love Christian people. I've come to realize that if they did not exist, this country would not exist in the form that exists."
"I'm a defender of Christians because I think they are unfairly maligned."
"I tend to think that Christians are too decent and too charitable to deal with this type of behavior. These people play for keeps."
"This is the same battle that Ronald Reagan and many millions of other people fought in the 20th Century. It just has a 21st Century new media battleground. The Cold War is now a new media war."