DCCC Chairman: "We're Not Going to Lose the House"

04/14/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Republicans are talking about winning back the House in 2010 but in an exclusive interview with The Brody File over at CBN News, the Chairman of the DCCC says that won't be happening.

Watch a clip of my interview with Rep. Chris Van Hollen below:

Rep. Chris Van Hollen:"The pundits here in Washington including people who handicap these races year in and year out their numbers are in the 25-30 range and they're talking about, some of them you know that the Democrats are going to lose the House. Well, we're not going to lose the House. This is not 1994 all over again and one of the reasons is that while people are anxious are about the economy they do not see right now the Republicans as a viable alternative and even within the Republican primaries today you're seeing a lot of churning understandably where you have a Tea Party candidate who is not going to take the national Republican Party's candidate and say hey, that Washington chosen candidate is going to be our standard bearer. That's not going to happen."

Rep. Chris Van Hollen:"Voters that are paying attention do see that while the Republican Party is trying to somehow capture this Tea Party movement their policies, especially their big pro-Wall Street policies and their position for example supporting the Supreme Court's decision that allows big corporate money to flow creates problems and finally you see a number of these Republican members who said that the stimulus bill, the economic recover bill, wasn't creating any jobs around the country and yet they're showing up at ribbon cutting ceremonies and ground breaking ceremonies around the country to celebrate jobs that are being created in their districts and they're writing to their department heads here in Washington saying please make sure you invest some of that money in my district because we need to create jobs in my district."

More interview clips with the DCCC Chairman on The Brody File Check it out to see him make a potential play for Tea Party votes.