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Jim DeMint Says Obama's "Waterloo" May Come in November

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Senator Jim DeMint tells me that we'll find out in November as to whether health care reform will become President's Waterloo or not. Transcription below the video.

David Brody/CBN News: Do you believe that the Waterloo may still indeed happen for the President in the sense that if health care backfires on him the fact that they passed it that 2010 could be a debacle and this could end up being a one term President because of health care? Do you think this Waterloo thing isn't finished yet?

Senator Jim DeMint: I don't think it's finished and I think we'll find out in November whether it's the President's Waterloo or not. I think it was a terrible overreach. I think his promises were not met by the legislation. More and more people are going to start to see that in increased taxes and cost of healthcare so I think we'll see in November. I know that democrats are counting on Americans having a short memory and going on to something else. I'm counting on Americans standing up and saying this is too far to go. We need to turn it back."

We all remember how DeMint said he wanted to make health care reform President Obama's 'waterloo'. Well, many may think that since it passed that DeMint lost. He says not so fast. The president and his party could indeed pay a heavy political price.

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