01/24/2012 10:57 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2012

Washington Post Receives Tax Return of Man Claiming to be "Ritt Momney."

Earlier today, The Washington Post received an envelope from an anonymous source containing the tax return of a man by the name of "Ritt Momney." The return is a one-page 1040EZ form.

In the somewhat illegible and confusing document, Mr. Momney, whose return was prepared by Sears-based franchise H&R Block, claims a 2010 gross income of $22 million, yet he claims the government owes him a refund of $21,999.999.99. Mr. Momney claims this coincidence is due to a $22 million operating loss involving his main business; running a ski school for blind kids in the Cayman Islands. (The box asking for a three dollar contribution toward the presidential election fund was left blank.)

Below are a few of the decipherable highlights:

NAME - Ritt Momney
SPOUSE - Don't Remind Me!
HOME ADDRESS - Which one?
FOREIGN COUNTRY - Sucks to be them!
Line 4 - ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME - It is Gross!
Line 12 - AMOUNT YOU OWE - $0 (Whew!)
Line 14 - OCCUPATION - Wealthy American.
Line 15 - WIFE'S OCCUPATION - Compulsive Shopper.
Line 16 - DAYTIME PHONE - I sleep in.

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