The Real Victim in Yesterday's Arkansas shooting? Michelle Malkin

05/25/2011 12:40 pm ET

It was Michelle Malkin who shot and killed Arkansas Democratic Party chairman Bill Gwatney yesterday. At least, according to Michelle Malkin.

Yes, just hours after the shooting, before Gwatney even died from his wounds, Malkin responds to the tragedy with a defensive post attempting to immunize herself from potential accusations that her right-wing hate-mongering might have played any role in provoking this senseless act of violence. Jesus... talk about a guilty conscience.

And talk about a narcissistic personalty that borders on solipsism. A man had just been mortally wounded, shot three times in the chest, clearly the target of an assassin's bullets... and Malkin can only think about herself and her own victimhood as the potential target of a character assassination. Could she be any more insensitive to Gwatney, his family and his friends?

Oh, but she'd already received an email, Malkin cries, telling her that she should be "held accountable" for hate-talk that "turns people to murder." A lone email, for chrissakes? That's her justification for this mind-numbingly inappropriate post? A single fucking email?

Somebody sent me an email blaming my so-called 'hate' for this horrible act of violence against a Democrat Party liberal. Here is that person's full name and unredacted email address.

And while I'm sure as hell not one to judge a blogger by their comment threads, Malkin is, and in her own heavily vetted thread it is apparently calm, rational, non-hateful discourse to accuse Bill and Hillary Clinton of assassinating Gwatney as a message to Barack Obama that he'll be next if he doesn't fall in line.

But you know, we foul-mouthed liberals, we're the crazies... we're the dangerous lunatic fringe.

While Gwatney was clearly the victim of a targeted attack, we don't yet know the motive. We don't yet know if his assassination was an ideological hate crime like last month's Knoxville shootings, or just the kind of everyday tragedy in which sick, personal grudges sometimes (and inevitably) manifest themselves in our heavily armed society.

But if she's come to the point where she feels the need to preemptively issue a denial of culpability each time news breaks of another Democrat or other such perceived liberal being assaulted or murdered, perhaps Malkin should listen to her guilty conscience the next time she's tempted to resort to the sort of violent, eliminationist rhetoric that has made her famous. That is, assuming, Malkin still has a conscience.

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