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David Halliday
David Halliday is a writer from Melbourne, Australia.

Halliday has built a storytelling platform with a wide-ranging body of work. Working in many spheres of the arts / entertainment / media worlds simultaneously, (film, literature, business, style, political commentary), his articles have appeared in magazines like GQ, Foundr, Creative Review, and Game Informer.

Working with creative agency Story Matters Most, Halliday is lead business writer for Newscorp's Agent Marketing Centre.

Over the last eight years, his screen work has manifested itself in television advertisements, documentaries and corporate films. He has picked up national awards for his screenwriting.

Halliday is also a master teacher of literature and creative writing with ten years experience working in the education sector.

With a keen interest in the power of story in shaping culture through history, Halliday has written a book of historical non-fiction on the history of croissants, published by Australian Scholarly Press in 2010.

As a social commentator, he writes and speaks on issues ranging from small business, to education, film and literature. A primary focus is on improving of corporate social responsibility. To that end, he actively volunteers for a variety of programs related to social support and social justice.

Entries by David Halliday

The How, Where and Why of Managing Gen Y

(1) Comments | Posted August 21, 2014 | 2:14 PM

With their laid back attitude and multitasking approach, the tech-savvy Gen Y might be the hardest generation yet to manage in a corporate environment. Organizational psychologist Kathy Turner offers insight on how to optimize the performance of your Gen Y workers.

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