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David Hayward
David Hayward runs a small writing and editing business in Healdsburg, California, where he does not grow pot. His poetry has won a Pushcart Prize and appeared in Harper’s, ZYZZYVA, The Threepenny Review, and other magazines. He attended UC Berkeley and received an MFA in poetry from UC Irvine during the 20th century. Heads You Lose is David’s first published fiction.

Blog Entries by David Hayward

Exes On Book Tour For "Heads You Lose" (PHOTOS)

Posted May 9, 2011 | 09:45:12 (EST)

Any author whose publisher sends him or her on a book tour these days is lucky, seriously lucky. And you pay for that luck with sleep deprivation, airport security lines, and often a reading with only one person in attendance who is usually homeless or mentally ill. I've done four...

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'Heads You Lose': 10 Things Not To Do When Writing A Novel With Your Ex (PHOTOS)

Posted April 7, 2011 | 07:16:24 (EST)

After writing four Spellman Files novels, I wanted to try something new and challenging for my next book. I might have overshot the mark. I had the perverse idea of collaborating on a murder mystery with David Hayward, an obscure former poet whose creative sensibilities are vastly different from my...

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