08/30/2011 05:59 pm ET | Updated Oct 30, 2011

Advice for the Candidates: The New Republican Chapter -- Enter Sarah Palin?

It appears that Rick Perry may peak too soon. He is leading both in the polls nationally and in Iowa and South Carolina now, too.

His team will have to manage his lead. If his upward trend continues, the Romney team may not even have to attack: the Perry spike could reach a high point and then may begin to taper off on its own.

But while conventional models have shown precedent for such to occur, time is running out for fresh, exciting alternatives to continue telling Perry's narrative.

For this reason alone, it seems instead that Perry may have staying power and Romney may actually have to hit him hard. It seems that the first round of attacks may be on his lack of electability in the general election.

But this comes with a large caveat. This may be all the enticing that Sarah Palin needs to enter the race... at exactly the right time.

The same question goes to Palin though. Is she electable? I would say no.

In my last piece I wrote that Perry is. I got quite a few emails saying that he is not.

Define electability. Is it not a malleable term?

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