Clowns to the Right of Me

05/25/2011 01:55 pm ET

In recent years, a tactic of the Right, promoted by Murdoch and his clones, has been to decry the role of the elites in government. The last thing you want in government, according to this view, is anyone with intelligence, education, knowledge, experience, or wisdom, because such attributes make you out of touch with the common man and woman. They, as represented by Joe Plumber and Sarah Moosekiller, proudly know nothing, but know what they don't like. The less they know, the closer they are to the average citizen, and therefore the more fit they are to govern in this topsy turvy Roveworld. The last thing we want in the complex and challenging 21st century is a Meritocracy. Instead, we see a race to the bottom of a bottomless pit in which the winners are those who are more ignorant (and holier) than thou.

And the results of this massive experiment in social and political engineering are in. The evidence to be found in the gun-toting attendees at American Town Hall meetings on Health Care, and the

global warming denialism in Australian media. We are governed almost everywhere now not by meritocracy but by idiocracy.

But the Watermelon Blog remains, proudly, meritorious.