12/13/2012 10:29 am ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

The Hiring Guru: Storytelling (Not Lying) Will Land You the Job

We're past the halfway point! Each week I've been posting one Truth from my upcoming book Get Hired!, which is excerpted in my book The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret. This week we are at Truth Six for Candidates to help you succeed at interviewing and finding a career.

As we are fast approaching the end of the year, if you are still looking for a job it has probably been a long one. It is my wish to help end that miserable search now with finding that fulfilling career you have been longing for. So as usual, let's recap before moving on to the next Truth.

• Truth One: Your Decision Comes First. You've got to first decide that you are the only person for the job (or at least the best), you want it and you're going to get it.
• Truth Two: A Good Resume Gets You in the Door. A professional resume with a good, personal cover letter is a must have -- in hard copy or electronic version.
• Truth Three: Like a Boy Scout, Be Prepared. While I'm not campaigning that employers will be nosy and search through every candidate's online presence, if you are currently job-hunting you have to know that it is a very strong possibility that employers will check you out online.
• Truth Four: Prep Your References, Duh! Possibly the worst thing to happen before you attend an interview, or even worse after you've interviewed and the company is interested, is having unprepared references.
• Truth Five: Dress For Success. Presentation is always of the utmost importance. Numerous research studies state that a prospective candidate has about 60 to 90 seconds to make an impression.

Once you have gone through all of these steps you most likely have a few job interviews lined up and are preparing to walk in and crush it, right? Well, this little secret will change the amount you stand out by ten-fold! Make sure to prepare something that you would like to talk about that will make you recognized and remembered in a "charming, I'd like to see this person in my office every day" kind of way. You do this by telling a story. Not a lie or fabrication, but a simple, honest story that sets you apart.

Truth Six: Tell a Story; Be Remembered.

What will be remembered about you after the interview concludes? Your dog Grumpy. And it may just be him that makes you stand out and lands you the job. Consider the role of the interviewer for a moment; he's sat through twenty interviews with nameless, faceless walking résumés and the only thing he remembers is the hilarious recollection of Grumpy.

If you can recount a light-hearted, fun story about your adorable pet or some silly family member, you'll win the day. Why does it matter? Because the interviewer likes you and can see working with you, or more importantly can see others being able to work with you easily.

That aspect is the most difficult part of their job. The interviewer has to answer to the employees and directors in the area for which you are being hired. With a warm and humanizing story, you've given the hiring committee something more to say about you besides your excellent qualifications. The point is not to overdo it, but to make a lasting impression.

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