02/11/2014 12:47 pm ET | Updated Apr 13, 2014

Shirley Temple: The Passing of an Icon

Baby Boomer's remember Shirley Temple.

Born in another generation, she brought us great joy. Her curly locks, dimpled smile, singing, tap dancing and bubbly outlook on life captivated and enchanted us.

In virtually all her movies she faced dire circumstances. Yet her gumption always allowed her to prevail and left us feeling happy that once again good had triumphed over evil, despair transformed into joyfulness.

Shirley Temple exemplified how a positive outlook, determination and drive could make all the difference in the world. Remember her dogged refusal to accept the alleged death of her Father in The Little Princess. And how thrilled we all were when enlisting the aid of Queen Victoria she found he was alive.

There's a lot we can take away from the character she so often portrayed.

No matter how much life gets us down, we can always pick ourselves up, dust off and try, try again until we achieve our objective.

Perhaps modern life is much more complex than all those many years ago. But every generation had its hurdles and human nature is still the same.

When all our Baby Boomer issues feel like they are burying us in worry and despair, we can think back to how Shirley Temple's character handled adversity. She would never give up.

Baby Boomer problems might seem more complex than those of Shirley Temple's. Job insecurity, paying for our children's or grandchildren's education, health issues, relationships with the opposite sex, finding a second career, the list is virtually limitless.

Yet if we adopt a positive can do attitude, just like Shirley Temple, we will prevail. We can turn adversity into success, difficulties into opportunity and hardship into triumph.

If "art imitates" life we have the power to make "life imitate art."

All we have to do is rent an old Shirley Temple movie, sit back with popcorn and a candy bar and watch her tackle situations as overwhelming as any of those we face.

A positive attitude makes all the difference in the world. The Baby Boomer years are transitional and present many challenges. We can choose to let them rule our lives or to take charge and create a happy and rewarding life.

Shirley Temple grew up to be an accomplished adult. After suffering the fate of many child actors who outgrow their image, she went on to become a successful politician even while surviving the real life challenge of breast cancer surgery.

Let Shirley Temple serve as an example to all of us. We make of our lives what we choose.

Let's opt for success, and happiness. It's a great way to live.