08/04/2011 01:18 pm ET | Updated Oct 04, 2011

Is Obama Charlie Brown to Boehner's Lucy?

Everybody's slamming Obama for the debt ceiling agreement. How in god's name could he have given in on cuts without getting any new revenue?

Obama acts like he's Charlie Brown to Boehner's Lucy. No matter how many times Boehner promises the president he'll tee-up the ball, it's a lie.

Boehner lied in December when he wanted the Bush Tax Cuts rolled over and promised Obama he wouldn't harass him about raising the debt ceiling. John Stewart had a good laugh about that one.

When will the president learn that Boehner isn't to be trusted?

Did Obama's training as a community organizer ingrain "mediation" into his DNA? Did his absent father make him forever need approval from a disapproving male?

When Boehner turned belligerent and the Tea Party was poised to bring down the government, Mitch McConnell saved the day by cobbling together a debt ceiling agreement that passed both houses.

McConnell took heat to help Obama. Why'd he do that?

McConnell's decision to "help" Obama flows logically from what he told Laura Ingraham:

If we go into default [Obama] will say that Republicans are making the economy worse and try to convince the public, maybe with some merit, if people start not getting their Social Security checks... and all of a sudden we have co-ownership of a bad economy. That is very bad positioning going into an election. But my first choice was to do something important for the country. My second obligation is to my party and to my conference, to prevent them from being sucked in to a horrible position politically that would allow the President to probably get re-elected.

So if Obama thinks he owes Mitch McConnell anything, he's wrong. McConnell only stepped in to save his own hide. No way was he going to let Republicans own the downward spiraling economy. No way.

Just think what would have happened if Republicans had controlled the Senate and the Presidency when Paul Ryan pushed through his budget? Social Security and Medicare would have been eviscerated.

All federal agencies designed to protect the health and well-being of Americans would have been defunded. The EPA, SEC, Consumer Protection Agency...

All of us who believe in the principles of the Democratic party must rally behind Obama and push him to the front of the struggle to do battle with Republicans in the strongest, most focused way.

Republicans and their supporters regard 2012 as the year of reckoning, a tipping point which culminates decades of misinformation and careful manipulation of the public.

2012 will be a difficult year and Democrats must fight for every inch, in every campaign on the local, state and federal level. If this were a movie it would probably be Lord of the Rings.

Obama has to stop thinking he can make friends and influence Republicans and regroup, gathering around him his true supporters and create an alliance of progressives and independents.

The only way to protect the future of America is to win back the House and maintain control of the White House and Senate.

He must lead us into battle. Democrats must win in 2012.

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