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David Lohr

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Horrifically Emaciated Puppy Survives Against All Odds (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

(19) Comments | Posted April 22, 2015 | 5:31 PM

An emaciated pit bull puppy, caged and left for dead in a damp Pennsylvania basement, is alive against all odds after a non-profit animal welfare organization came to his rescue.

"When we found him, we honestly thought he was deceased," Ruth Thompson-Carroll, director of the Erie-based Anna Shelter, told The...

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Author Ann Rule Was Abused, Ripped Off By Her Sons, Cops Say

(74) Comments | Posted April 21, 2015 | 7:04 PM

Bestselling true crime author Ann Rule was bilked out of more than $100,000 by two of her sons, one of whom demanded money while she "cowered in her wheelchair," authorities said.

Michael Rule, 51, has been charged with theft in the first degree and forgery, for allegedly writing himself $103,628...

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New York Police Recover Body Of Max Maisel, ESPN Writer's Missing Son

(15) Comments | Posted April 21, 2015 | 1:02 PM

The Rochester Police Department has confirmed that a body found Friday in Lake Ontario is Max Maisel, the son of ESPN writer Ivan Maisel. Max Maisel disappeared nearly two months ago.

"[This is] merely the postscript to our sad story," Ivan Maisel, a well-known sports writer, and his wife, Meg...

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Kirtland Cult Killings Were 'Mandated By God,' Former Member Says

(129) Comments | Posted April 17, 2015 | 4:53 PM

Twenty-six years ago this Friday, Ronald Luff, the former right-hand man of self-appointed prophet and cult leader Jeffrey Don Lundgren, assisted in the systematic execution of an entire family in Kirtland, Ohio.

"[I saw] their deaths as not only justified, but mandated by God," Luff told The Huffington Post from...

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Yulia Simonova Accused Of Hiring Undercover Cop To Torture, Kill Former Student

(24) Comments | Posted April 16, 2015 | 3:19 PM

A Russian school teacher is accused of hiring an undercover police officer to torture and murder a former student she harbored a "personal dislike" for.

"I want you to break his arms and legs but do not touch his face," Yulia Simonova, a 52-year-old music teacher from Shatura, allegedly told...

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Father-Son Killer Alfred Vuozzo Shows No Remorse: 'I Sent Them To Death'

(45) Comments | Posted April 14, 2015 | 2:41 PM

He pleaded guilty to murdering a father and son to avenge his sister's death more than 40 years ago -- but he still had poisonous words for the victim's family as he was sentenced to life in prison this week.

"You've sentenced me to life and I sent them to...

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Jodi Arias Sentenced To Life For Travis Alexander's Murder

(321) Comments | Posted April 13, 2015 | 1:20 PM

Jodi Arias, the vengeful ex-girlfriend of Travis Alexander who brutally took his life nearly eight years ago, has been sentenced to life in prison.

"The court finds, as the jury found, that the crime was especially cruel," judge Sherry Stephens said in court.

Arias, 34, will spend the remainder...

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Shauna Fowler Missing: Authorities Seeking Clues In Oregon Woman's Disappearance

(3) Comments | Posted April 10, 2015 | 12:41 PM

Authorities in Oregon, are searching for clues in the disappearance of a criminal justice graduate who recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

missing oregon woman

According to the Crook County Sheriff's Office, 27-year-old Shauna Fowler was last seen at her Powell Butte home on the...

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The 13 Racist Police E-mails You Didn't Read

(54) Comments | Posted April 9, 2015 | 11:22 AM

The release of racist and offensive emails by city officials in Ferguson, Missouri, touched off a firestorm of criticism across the country this week, with swift moral outrage and demands for immediate change.

It is the type of progressive change that was missing this time last year, when it...

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Missing Mom's Sister: 'She Didn't Just Vanish'

(15) Comments | Posted April 7, 2015 | 3:41 PM

The sister of a missing mother from Ardmore, Oklahoma, is appealing to the public for help.

Jody Cook Wood, 38, has not been seen for nearly three weeks.

"Our whole family is worried about her," an emotional Heather Cook told The Huffington Post. "Someone knows something. She didn’t just vanish."

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DUI Suspect Linda MacDonald Can't Seem To Keep Her Tongue In Her Mouth

(4) Comments | Posted April 7, 2015 | 9:36 AM

The tongue is an ingenious organ. It manipulates food for consumption, and conveys a range of moods and biological urges.

The outstretched muscular member on this woman's face speaks for itself. Vermont authorities identify her as 55-year-old Linda MacDonald, of Shelburne, a small town roughly 40 miles north of Springfield,...

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Police Search Florida Landfill For Clues In Brittany Foote's Disappearance

(2) Comments | Posted April 1, 2015 | 2:38 PM

Authorities in Florida are at a Duval County landfill Wednesday, searching for clues in the disappearance of Brittany Foote. The 22-year-old woman is missing and feared slain.

"We are actively investigating the disappearance and potential murder of Brittany Foote," Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Melissa Bujeda told The Florida...

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Rapper Killer Mike Deplores Prosecution Of McKinley Phipps: 'We Must Stand With Artists Like Mac'

(19) Comments | Posted March 26, 2015 | 7:42 AM

NEW ORLEANS -- Rap musician Michael Render, better known as Killer Mike, stood up for jailed recording artist McKinley "Mac" Phipps on Wednesday, telling Dillard University students that a prosecutor's twisting of Phipps' lyrics during his manslaughter trial threatens everyone's free speech.

"If we let this stand, what you're going...

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Bullied Eyewitnesses Blast Rapper's Wrongful Conviction, Join Family In Plea For New Trial

(17) Comments | Posted March 24, 2015 | 3:47 PM

HAMMOND, La. -- In 2001, they say, they were bullied into silence or forced to lie in court to help prosecutors wrongfully convict a 22-year-old rap artist of shooting a fan. Now, they will no longer keep silent.

Five eyewitnesses -- including the prosecution's star witness -- have signed affidavits...

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Prosecutor Used Hip-Hop As A Weapon To Convict Mac Phipps

(20) Comments | Posted March 24, 2015 | 7:55 AM

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, Louisiana -- As he lies at night in his cell at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, McKinley "Mac" Phipps can hear the words of his best-known song echoing in his head:

Murda, murda (murder, murder)

Kill, kill (kill, kill)

S**t's real (s**t's real)

On the battlefield (on the...

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Jailed Rapper To Seek New Trial Based On Witness Bullying

(10) Comments | Posted March 19, 2015 | 11:53 PM

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, La. -- Rapper McKinley "Mac" Phipps, serving time for manslaughter in a fatal nightclub shooting 15 years ago, will seek a new trial based on recent allegations by witnesses that authorities threatened and coerced them, his attorney said Thursday.

"The statements made by key witnesses in...

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Family Of Rapper Jailed In Killing Demands Investigation Into Witness Bullying

(39) Comments | Posted March 19, 2015 | 2:34 AM

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, La. -- The family of McKinley "Mac" Phipps, a once promising rap artist whose conviction in a nightclub shooting death is now in question, is calling on authorities to take a fresh look at the case that landed him behind bars 15 years ago.


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Witnesses: DA Bullied Testimony That Put Rapper Away For 30 Years

(91) Comments | Posted March 18, 2015 | 9:15 AM

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, La. -- Fourteen years after rapper McKinley "Mac" Phipps was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of a teenage fan at a show, five prosecution witnesses have told The Huffington Post that police and prosecutors bullied them into fingering the once-promising hip-hop artist as the gunman.

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Denise Hart Missing: Foul Play Suspected In College Student's Disappearance

(8) Comments | Posted March 6, 2015 | 4:29 PM

The mother of Denise Lynette Hart, a missing 25-year-old Connecticut college student whose vehicle was recently found ablaze, is desperate for answers in her daughter's unexplained disappearance.

"Not knowing is killing me," Dedre Robinson told The Huffington Post. "I just want my daughter home. I need her and her 3-year-old...

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DEADLOCKED: Jodi Arias Jury Unable To Reach Unanimous Decision

(205) Comments | Posted March 5, 2015 | 11:06 AM

Jodi Arias, the bespectacled murderess who tried to turn her elaborate sex life into a defense for the brutal killing of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, will not pay for her crime with her life.

The jury of eight women and four men, which deliberated for 26 hours over a...

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