05/28/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Calls For End To Murder Prosecutions

With Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at his side, President Obama today announced his opposition to all prosecutions for the crime of murder. "While murder is a dark and painful act," said Mr. Obama, "I see no point in looking backward to prosecute those who have committed it in the past." Mr. Reid added "It's quite possible that the investigation and prosecution of these past crimes will be seen by many as 'retribution'. Surely Americans do not wish to be viewed as a nation which 'punishes' those who break 'laws'. That way lies chaos."

The President continued: "Yes, reflection rather than retribution is needed now. Nothing will be gained by blaming murderers for what they've done. That is, of course, assuming the murder is in the past. Anyone planning to murder in the future should be aware of the possibility that their actions may be condemned and that they themselves may be put at risk of public criticism."

Mr. Obama also called for an end to the teaching of History in the public schools. "How can learning about what happened in previous years prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow? Moving forward is the best way to avoid making the mistakes of the past. Even better is not doing anything about those mistakes, which will assist us in not making them again, at least in exactly the same way."