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The Strangest Cat-Related Video You'll Ever See

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This week's Animal Oddity comes to us courtesy of The Gregory Brothers, the folks who skyrocketed to fame for their unique musical adaptation of a newscast about a failed break-in last summer. (If you haven't heard of Antoine Dodson or The Gregory Brothers' Bed Intruder Song, you must be living under a rock. Stop what you're doing and watch it here.)

Well, they're at it again, turning YouTube gold into pure platinum.

You've probably seen the video made by Debbie, a woman who loves cats...a bit too much (can you say future animal hoarder?). Well, her video has gotten The Gregory Brothers' treatment and I must say, I wouldn't have thought you could have made the original any better or odder, but they managed to do it.

And the fact that Nyan Cat makes a cameo puts this right into the pure genius category. Enjoy!

If you're a cat lover like Debbie, be sure to catch Cats 101, Must Love Cats, My Cat from Hell, and (what's sure to be Debbie's favorite), To Cute! Kittens, all on Animal Planet.

As always, get the latest odd animal news, stories, behaviors and videos on my Animal Planet blog Animal Oddities.