04/23/2012 04:33 pm ET Updated Jun 23, 2012

Because They Are Bad

"We are good because they are bad" is great for winning support. You just need to say how bad something is. It's inclusive, too. Everyone fighting the bad is good.

In fact, people may compete in being good, i.e. fighting the bad. Some people are competitive, proving their goodness by fighting the badness harder than others. Some guy may machine-gun a children's party, blow up a supermarket or shoot a family in their home. "Because they are bad" does the job again. "He is bad because they are bad." It works! Some may actually hang on to "He is good because they are bad." That works, too. So "We are good because they are bad" AND "We are bad because they are bad." Is that a robust argument, or what?!

Unless "because they are bad" fails, of course. Then everything falls apart. So whatever we do, we must hold on to "because they are bad." "Because they are bad" is good, it must be protected! Those who are not for "because they are bad" are against us!

Benefits come at a price. The better "because they are bad" does the job, the more we depend on it. We may become addicted to it. We may even define ourselves by it. "WE are the ones who are suffering from THEM."

So what happens when we succeed, and "they" are no longer around to keep us going with their badness?

Check the history books, dear friends.

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