Feigenholtz May Seek Quigley's County Board Seat, Source Says

04/06/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

(Chicago, IL) -- If Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is breathing a sigh of relief that his chief nemesis on the County Board, Mike Quigley, is about to exit his position after winning the Democratic primary in Illinois' Fifth Congressional District. But Stroger may not have time to exhale.

Quigley's defeated rival in the race--State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz--has expressed interest in the soon-to-be-vacant County Board seat and preliminary discussions are underway, a highly placed source says.

As Rich Miller pointed out Thursday on the Capital Fax Blog, the County Board will select Quigley's replacement.

If the initial talks gain traction, Feigenholtz's legions of fans may revolt and lobby her against the move. As Chair of the House Human Services Appropriations Committee, Feigenholtz has assumed the role of health care lioness over the years, protecting her health care cubs--HIV/AIDS drug programs, mental health care services, medical information for adult adoptees, mammogram services, foster children, etc--from budget cutting onslaughts or worse, indifference.

Undoubtedly, the County hospital would profit from Feigenholtz's health care zeal and expertise, and the Board would welcome her peculiar brand of cheeseball charm collegiality. Good for Cook County. Bad for Illinois.

Too many depend on Feigenholtz in Springfield. She's needed there. We hope that Feigenholtz stays put.