05/14/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Quinn Is Both Frugal and Generous

(Springfield, IL) -- Governor Pat Quinn continues to outshine his predecessor Rod Blagojevich.

Admittedly, that bar is pretty low. A 7 watt bulb could outshine Blagojevich. But Quinn does it without the Blagojevich "razzle dazzle machine" theatrics that House Speaker Michael Madigan's press secretary, Steve Brown, once ascribed to the former governor.

On Saturday, April 11, the Quinn brand was on full display at the Executive Mansion -- both frugal and generous simultaneously.

Quinn organized an Easter egg hunt for Springfield-area children with developmental disabilities. More than 100 children, siblings, and parents attended, the Springfield Journal-Register reported.

In addition to the plastic egg hunt, the Springfield Theatre Centre put on a vignette of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", arts and crafts were made available to the kids, and Quinn read "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" to the folks assembled.

Of course, Quinn is a politician and there is public relations value for staging an kids event like this. So, one is inclined to ask what was the event's cost to taxpayers? Zero.

Local businesses covered a portion of the expenses -- and Quinn paid the rest out of his own pocket.

Quinn's frugality is legendary. As Lt. Governor, Quinn traveled overseas on state business 10 times in six years. But he billed the state for just two of the trips. And when on other state business Quinn never accepted the $32 daily meal allowance to which traveling state workers are entitled. And he often payed his own hotel bill.

His predecessor? Blagojevich for all his blather about his commitment to kids, he appears to have held no Easter egg hunt, though Patti Blagojevich hosted a hunt in 2006. And during his terms Blagojevich allegedly seemed intent on filling his pockets.

And what's the reaction of Springfield Journal-Register readers to Quinn and his Easter egg hunt?

* Debi5 - Thank you Governor Quinn for doing something wonderful! It is nice to see the mansion being used and opened to the public once again.

* walt38 - Great going Gov. Quinn!!

* fourfootedpals - Thank you, Governor Quinn, for doing this. Thank you for making the SPARC kids feel very special. I'm so glad you chose these kids instead of a bunch of the legislators kids, grandkids, relatives, and other assorted kids 'adopted' for the day just so they could go to the Mansion's Easter Egg hunt.

* starstruck - A very positive event. Thumbs up Gov. Q!

* Lillie Mae - Very cool, Governor Quinn, thank-you. Glad all had a good time.

* Ambrose Bee- Whethe you agree with his politics or not, this guv is CLASS. Events like this, paying the difference out of his own pocket. Wish the media would do a story on this instead of all the garbage they chase

* Oldman - What a difference a NEW Governor can make.

* cubshater - Thanks Gov,,,

* Mumps - What a difference an impeachment makes. We might have had Pat Quinn a few years ago if others had done their jobs instead of choosing to re-elect Blago. That being said, Governor Quinn couldn't have come at a better time. Thanks, governor, for all your efforts. It's nice to see this event back on the calendar. And Happy Easter, everyone!

How's that for -- "razzle dazzle"? It's the kind of razzle dazzle Blagojevich never understood.