01/29/2007 07:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Doing Good While Rocking: Cloud Cult

cloud cultI've been a huge fan of the band Cloud Cult for a while, but their new album, The Meaning of 8, is really knocking my socks off. Or rocking my socks off. Rocking my knocks off. Whatever. It's a huge leap forward and my favorite album of this young year. Right now you can only get it by pre-ordering it on their website -- you'll get a full album download in the process.

If you're wondering why Cloud Cult deserves your support -- besides socking your rocks off -- get a load of this:

All profits, after expenses, of Cloud Cult CD sales and performances are donated to environmental charity work.

Instead of creating new plastic, Cloud Cult's CD is packaged in cleaned reused jewel cases (the band painstakingly hand cleans thousands of cases for each CD release). These used jewel cases are donated by the box-load to Earthology Records from all over the nation.

Earthology is located on a small organic farm in Northern MN, is powered by geothermal power and wind energy (Windsense Project), and the recording studio is built from recycled and salvaged materials.

Cloud Cult CD inserts and print materials are on 100% postconsumer recycled paper and printed with nontoxic soy inks by a local family owned print shop.

Cloud Cult's CD shrink-wrap is not the industry standard toxic PVC. It is environmentally benign LDPE and is packaged by Goodwill Industries, a nonprofit focused on assisting handicapped individuals. Through its relationship with the University of IL, Earthology will soon be packaging all materials in a 100% earth-friendly shrink-wrap, made of nontoxic biodegradable corn cellulose.

Here's the glorious first song off the album. It's called "Chain Reaction":