A Telling Journey Through the Political Time Machine

06/28/2007 09:39 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A telling exercise that cuts through the absurd Beltway hyperventilating over a presidential election that's still 16 months away. Take a look at this quote and guess who said it.

"Every year Congress and the president sign laws that make us do more things and gives us less money to do it with, I see people ... middle class people, their taxes have gone up in Washington and their services have gone down while the wealthy have gotten tax cuts ... I've been out here meeting at meetings just like this with people like you, the people that have lost their jobs, lost their livelihood, lost their health insurance -- what I want you to understand is ... it is because America has not invested in it's people, it is because we have not grown ... We've gone from first to twelfth in the world in wages ... we produced no private sector jobs -- most people are working harder for less money than they were making ten years ago, it is because we are in the grip of a failed economic theory."

Take a guess -- was it:

- Bernie Sanders, socialist U.S. Senator

- John L. Lewis, President of the United Mine Workers

- Eugene Debs, Socialist presidential candidate

- Franklin Roosevelt, president

- George McGovern, Democratic nominee for president in 1972

- Dennis Kucinich, candidate for president in 2004 and 2008

- Noam Chomsky, author

- Ross Perot, candidate for president in 1992

- Martin Luther King, civil rights leader

- None of the above

The answer is here -- it's the same person who did this, and this and this, and whose ideological disciples continue to preach a status quo designed to run middle-class America into the ground.

Today politics is dominated by candidates asking voters to choose Celine Dion theme songs. A quote like this is barely allowed to be whispered in the haircut-obsessed media discourse and Establishment-dominated political debate for fear of being called a ultra-leftist or a communist, and the answer about who originally delivered this quote should show you just how much American politics has unfortunately changed -- and been corrupted into silence.