"Conservative" Dem Panders to 99% of America, Threatens to Make New Bethesda Mortages Harder to Pay

11/15/2006 05:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Conservative" Democrat Jim Webb has a Wall Street Journal op-ed today in which is raising consternation in Washington's elite circles. This "conservative" thinks he has a right to appease the bottom 99 percent of the population that is getting screwed. Who the hell does he think he is? Didn't he realize he got elected to the Senate where nobody is supposed to talk about corporate power or economic inequality?

This follows up Democrats efforts yesterday to stop President Bush's proposed "free" trade bill with Vietnam. The opposition particularly rankled Clintonites-turned-Chamber-of-Commerce shills, who attacked Democrats for having the gall to listen to the ordinary workers who elected them on Tuesday. Again, who do these Democrats think they are? Did they not get the memo that they are in Washington, D.C.? Did they not see today's New York Times or Wall Street Journal where former Democratic Hill staffers-turned-corporate-lobbyists are throwing themselves at reporters, beggging them to write stories about how influential they are going to be in the new Congress?

Come on, Democrats - you are screwing it up for the corporate lobbyists! Don't you realize you owe these people who have sold their souls? Don't you realize they are counting on you to deliver favors for their corporate clients and thus get them six-figure salaries, nice new offices and gym memberships at the Ritz Carlton on M Street? Don't you realize there are new Bethesda mortgages to pay and Lexus car loans in Northern Virginia to make good on?