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NEW AD: Why Is Joe Breaking His Three-Term Pledge?

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You saw the first ad showing how Joe Lieberman lied in 1988 when he promised that he would not miss more than 300 votes and not have one of the worst voting records in the U.S. Senate. Now see the damning follow up ad here. It shows how Lieberman repeatedly promised not to run for more than three terms. Yes, that's right, the New Haven Register reported on 10/13/88 that Lieberman went on statewide television to say "I will not serve as a United States senator for more than 18 years." The Register reported on 11/10/88 that Lieberman "repeated his vow not to serve more than three six-year terms" meaning "he will be 64 when he retires." Now, it's true - come election day we will force Joe to live up to his three-term pledge by voting him out of office. But the fact that he is running after campaigning on such a crystal clear pledge should tell you everything you need to know about a career politician who has no regard for the truth.

The Lieberman campaign has responded to this ad in today's New Haven Register by invoking Paul Wellstone. Having worked closely with Paul Wellstone and his staff while I was on Capitol Hill, I believe Paul would be disgusted that someone like Joe Lieberman is using his memory to defend himself. But then, that's Joe Lieberman - a man who will use the memory of a dead hero to try to avoid answering why he lies to voters.

And make no mistake about it - he has lied repeatedly and brazenly beyond simply looking into the camera and asking people to vote him into office on pledges that he deliberately breaks. Consider that:

- Lieberman says he "has consistently opposed the Broadwater project" that would build power plants in Long Island Sound even though just a few months ago Lieberman told a Connecticut newspaper "I don't want to shut [Broadwater] out without thinking about [whether] it could provide additional energy resources."

- Lieberman said during the primary debate that the energy bill "doesn't take authority away" from Connecticut to protect Long Island Sound even though a few months earlier he said the energy bill "sets a dangerous precedent of preventing the people of Connecticut and other states from determining their own laws and fate."

- Lieberman said of Social Security privatization in October that "I have a very consistent record of opposing President Bush every time he had tried to bring [privatization] up." He said this despite having said in 1998 that privatization "has to happen" and having told the Hartford Courant in 1/9/05 that he thought it was "great" President Bush was bringing up Social Security privatization.

- Lieberman said in the primary debate that "We were all against the bridge to nowhere" even though, as Robet Novak reported on 7/17/06 Lieberman "voted against Republican Sen. Tom Coburn's amendment to defund the infamous Alaska bridge" to nowhere (if you don't believe Novak, which is understandable, just check the vote here).

- Lieberman is airing an ad that actually fabricates a New York Times story that doesn't exist. The move was so incredibly dishonest, the Hartford Courant publicly hammered him for "playing loose with the facts."

These are just some examples - there are too many to list all in one article. The bottom line from all of this is clear: Joe Lieberman is a man who thinks it is perfectly acceptable to lie to voters' faces. The whole myth of Holy Joe as The Most Sincere and Honest Politician In American History is just that: a myth that Lieberman's buddies in Washington are trying to force down the throat of Connecticut voters. But the more voters see Joe in his own words lying to their faces, the more voters will see just how much Joe and his campaign is insulting their intelligence.

(DISCLOSURE: I have long been a volunteer supporter of Ned Lamont's candidacy and written extensively about the race. As of Labor Day, I am officially working with the Lamont for Senate campaign on research. The writing on this blog is my own, and not the official work I do for the Lamont campaign.)