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David Sirota

David Sirota

Posted: October 31, 2006 11:00 AM

Still Believe He Isn't George W. Bush's Favorite Senator?

Some people have said that no, it's not really true - Joe Lieberman is not George W. Bush's favorite U.S. Senator. To them I say watch this new webad - especially today, just hours after Bush appeared on Fox News to trumpet Lieberman for backing his "stay the course" policy in Iraq.

CBS News this weekend aired a piece on the race here in Connecticut and quoted a political science expert saying that if Lieberman wins he "will literally be king of the hill when it comes down to close votes on foreign policy in Iraq." But as this webad shows, it is more than even Iraq and foreign policy - Lieberman has become the senator who most effectively aids and abets all of the White House's most destructive policies.