02/23/2008 08:59 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Desperation of Hillary Clinton

This is just so utterly silly and insulting. Yes, Hillary Clinton is saying "shame on you" to those who point out the historical record showing she strongly supported NAFTA.

Oh, and I love this:

"Bill Clinton has told me personally that Hillary was not in favor of Nafta when it passed,'' Strickland, 66, said on Bloomberg Television's ``Political Capital With Al Hunt,'' airing this weekend."

Ah, I see. Despite Hillary Clinton's public praise for NAFTA, we are now supposed to believe that no, she really opposed it, because in recent days as Hillary's campaign has tanked, Bill Clinton personally told Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland that behind closed doors she opposed it.

I know I linked to this yesterday, but I'll link to it again - it is my column this week that documents all the praise she lavished on NAFTA just a few years ago. Here's the key paragraph:

During Clinton's 1996 visit to Texas, United Press International reported that she "touted the president's support for NAFTA." In her memoir, Clinton trumpeted her husband's "successes on the budget, the Brady bill and NAFTA." The Buffalo News reports that in 1998 she "praised corporations for mounting 'a very effective business effort in the U.S. on behalf of NAFTA.'" And last year, her lead Wall Street fundraiser told reporters that Clinton remains "committed" to NAFTA's "free" trade structure.

Yes, the stuff from her memoir and from the Buffalo News are direct quotes. But we are expected to simply ignore that, as Clinton feigns outrage that anyone would ever suggest she supported NAFTA.

How many insults to the American people's intelligence can be hurled in one primary election contest? And how desperate can one candidate get?