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The Two Most Out of Touch Human Beings In America

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I submit to you that the two most out of touch elitists in America are Chris Matthews and Hillary Clinton.

Here's Matthews in the New York Times profile about him:

"I don't think people look at me as the establishment, do you?" Matthews asked me. "Am I part of the winner's circle in American life? I don't think so."

The article, of course, notes that Matthews makes $5 million a year, lives in a posh Chevy Chase house with three Mercedes, and has been a Washington insider for almost his entire life. But no, he doesn't think he's inside the establishment or part of the winner's circle.

Similarly, Clinton continues to label Barack Obama "out of touch" for saying that when people get economically crapped on by politicians and corporations, they get angry. From the confines of her mansions in Georgetown and Chappaqua, surveying her $110 million fortune and her long career as a corporate lawyer and Wal-Mart board member, Clinton expresses a "let them eat cake" attitude, apparently believing regular folks are totally happy when politicians like her champion policies like NAFTA that crush them.

Chris Matthews and Hillary Clinton -- the two most out of touch human beings in America.