12/14/2005 01:12 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What Is the Hostile Takeover ?

A lot of people have asked me exactly why my upcoming book (due out in March/April) is called Hostile Takeover. The term is usually used in business circles, where it means one company literally conquering another. But, sadly, that definition is fully applicable to what's happening to America's political system as we speak. We don't live in a democracy anymore - we live in a system of legalized bribery. To call it a democracy is an insult to those who have fought for real democracy throughout the ages.

Through this system of legalized bribery, Big Money interests have literally taken over our democracy to the point where our government is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corporate America. They have used a complex matrix of lies, myths and half-truths to make us believe this isn't so - but as Hostile Takeover shows, it's all just a deliberate campaign to distract the public from what's really going on: namely, the auctioning off of public policy to the highest bidder.

We've just completed the cover design of the book (which you can see above or by clicking here), and have shown the book to a few people who have given it brief reviews, which you can see here. Now, in the lead up to the Spring release of the book, I have launched a project entitled The Corruption Digest that will regularly chronicle how Corporate America is conquering our government, and how politicians of both parties are being transformed into paid PR spokespeople for Big Business, telling us that public policies are designed to help ordinary Americans when in fact they are designed to enrich the already rich, and empower the already powerful. Take a look at today's newest edition of The Corruption Digest. Then, go over to and enter your email address on the righthand side to receive The Corruption Digest in your email box. This publication - just like the book - will aim to be a one-stop guide for readers to find out the latest on who's selling out, what public policies they are selling, and how courageous leaders are trying to fight back against the Hostile Takeover of our government.

Hostile Takeover is due out sometime between the end of March and mid-April, but you can advance order it today. But before you do, let me reiterate something: Hostile Takeover is a guidebook not for the corrupt politicians, the slick lobbyists or the Establishment insiders - but for ordinary people who want to know exactly why their government sounds like a corporate PR machine, and how to change that. It is designed to be a reference guide, so that when you sit down and watch the evening news and you hear a politician talking about a major pocketbook issue, you can flip right to the relevant section in the book and see for yourself how you are being lied to.

This book truly pulls no punches, and I expect there will be some politicians and political operatives in the Establishment who will be none too pleased with it. But then, that's the point - to start fighting back.