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A Dr. Seuss Kind of Story About Love and Its Glory

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David Vienna

Dad gave a light knock
and then came through the door
and sat next to his boys
playing games on the floor.

He watched them race cars
and build with their blocks,
which was how every night
the poor daddy took stock
of all that was good
and all that was pure
and all that their laughter
could certainly cure.

At moments like this,
his heart felt two things—
a worrisome weight
and the urge to just sing.
The world, as he knew,
might sometimes turn mean,
with scoundrels and rascals
and villains unseen.
But it also could be nifty,
quite lovely—it’s true
with saviors and jokers
and heroes there, too.

No instincts or planning
could ensure the world
do anything other
than orbit and twirl.
You can’t guarantee it
one way or the other.
Though, the dad smiled to know
his boys each had a brother.

And that’s when ol' Dad
shook the day from his back
and grabbed a blue car
from the box by the track.
He raced against theirs
and he quite nearly won.
They kept racing cars
’til he noticed the sun
was replaced in the sky
by a sliver of moon,
so he told both his boys
that bedtime was soon.

Then, he stopped them and said,
“Listen close, my young lads,
and I’ll tell you a thing
that makes me happy and sad.
One day, you’ll grow up
and move from the house.
Though I will miss you,
I won’t ever grouse.
For you’ll take the same joy
you give me each day
and give it to others
and in that small way
you’ll make the world better
than I ever could.”
Then, he tousled their hair
and slowly he stood.

But, before he walked out
to take off his tie
both boys stood up, too,
and looked in his eyes.
“Dad,” they said. “Wait.
We’ll share with all folks
the love that we have,”
the boys quietly spoke.
“And we’ll always have of love
to share with you, Pop,
'cause you’ve showed us how
love does not stop.
It knows nothing of limits,
goes on through the years,
keeps going and growing
'til it banishes fears.”

Dad hugged them and said,
“I love you more every second.”
The boys said, “Us, too.”
And it was true, the dad reckoned.
They hugged him right back
and squeezed him so tight
his eyes became leaky
and his tie not so tight.


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