02/06/2011 12:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Backfield In Motion": A Defensive Playlist for Super Bowl Sunday

Last November when I was working on the Country Music Association Awards in Nashville and Kenny Chesney was performing his football song "Boys Of Fall," it struck me that there are relatively few gridiron themed songs in music history. In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, I reached out on twitter at @wildaboutmusic and tried to prove that I was wrong. First and foremost, I'd like to thank @rgowan who came up with the sexist and most soulful football song of all time -- Mel & Tim's "Backfield In Motion."

  • "GOLDEN GRIDIRON BOY" - Randy Newman
  • "BALLROOM BLITZ" - The Sweet
  • "GOD'S FOOTBALLER" - Billy Bragg
  • "THE FOOTBALL BLUES" - Bobby Charles
  • "BOYS OF FALL" - Kenny Chesney
  • "SUPER BOWL SHUFFLE" - 1985 Chicago Bays
  • Anything by Split Enz (thanks @samIamhollander)
  • Anything by Helmet (thanks @jimd_md)
  • Anything by System of a Down or Stealer's Wheel (thanks @rickthaluddite)
  • Anything by the Kaiser Chiefs
  • "All Star" by Smashmouth
  • "NOT AS MUCH AS FOOTBALL" - Mojo Nixon
  • "GREEN BAY" - Lester Young & Charlie Christian
  • "INDIANAPOLIS" - The Bottle Rockets
  • JET - Paul McCartney & The Wings
  • COWBOY - Kid Rock
  • LITTLE LION MAN - Mumford & Sons
  • THE DOLPHINS - Fred Neil
  • RAVEN - The Dave Matthews Band
  • WHEN THE SAINTS - Louis Armstrong
  • Anything by Paul Revere and the Raiders
  • Anything by They Might Be Giants
  • "QUARTERBACK" - Adam Cohen
  • "FOOTBALL FIGHT" - Queen
  • "FOOTBALL TONIGHT" - Rugburns

What's on your Super Bowl playlist?