My Farewell Post: Why I've Decided To Stop Blogging. Tweeting Or Even Talking To You

09/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • David Wild TV Writer; Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone; Co-Author, 'Everybody's Brother'

How the hell can you ever miss me if I won't go away?

Starting today, I'm going on vacation with my wife and two sons, and meeting my brother and his family for the rest of the week. At the behest of the Director of Homeland Defense -- i.e. my wife -- I will not be tell you good people where we're going, but if I happen to see you there we can still wave at each other longingly from a safe distance.

But here's what I'm not going to for the rest of this week: post about my vacation right here at Huffington Post, a place that's become a loving yet somehow distant digital home to me -- albeit a home without any walls or any allowance whatsoever.

Since March 2008, Huffington Post has offered me a way to share my thoughts about everything from the joys of having Britney Spears as a neighbor -- my first ever post -- to numerous self-indulgent but heartfelt reflections on the death of my father. Huffington Post has also allowed me to work with all of you to put together personalized playlists for everyone from the sublime (President Obama) to the ridiculous (Glenn Beck). Frankly, I've loved being part of the dangling and often surprising conversation that is possible here. But for the rest of this week, I'm communicating old school. And so I'm going to try and focus my energies on talking to my wife and kids, for as long as they'll listen, and probably a little bit longer too. Wish us all luck.

At the same time, I'm going to try and refrain from tweeting at my usual address --@Wildaboutmusic -- where in recent months I've been rambling on at a fast and furious pace. By all means please join me there too if you're that rare individual in the new media wilderness who dares to wonder about the really tough and questions, like, "What's that aging, self-aggrandizing rock critic having for brunch?" For the next few days, I feel it's important to focus on my family and first and foremost bore the people who really love me.

So that is why you won't be hearing from me this week -- unless of course I get lonely and bored on the road with my loved ones and feel the sudden and undeniable need to blog and tweet and chat about "Hot August Night: NYC" -- a really great Neil Diamond TV special I loved working on that airs on CBS this coming Friday. Honestly, I can't wait to tell you all about the show, but for a few days at least; I'm actually going to try.

Let's all see how long I can actually hold my digital tongue. Until then, thanks for not listening.

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