The Unforgettable Fire: A Playlist for Our Neighbors and Firefighters as They Confront the California Fires

08/30/2009 11:14 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Living in the Hollywood Hills in recent days has felt like being heartbreakingly close to some surreal 24-hour disaster movie set. You turn a corner on Mulholland Drive and see crowds gathering with cameras around their necks and expressions of shock on their faces. Instead of "photographers" seeking to grab a shot of Britney Spears -- as many were doing here not so very long ago -- these photographers appear to be concerned citizens attempting to capture images of the surreally ominous yet strangely majestic-looking clouds of smoke coming from fires on nearby mountains.

This playlist goes out to all of our neighbors who are being impacted by the raging California wildfires -- and to heroic firefighters everywhere.

"The Unforgettable Fire" - U2
"My Hero" - Foo Fighters
"Who By Fire" - Leonard Cohen
"Shine Your Light" - Robbie Robertson
"Fire On The Mountain" - Rob Thomas
"Heroes" - David Bowie
" Cinder and Smoke" - Iron & Wine
"Brave & Strong" - Sly & The Family Stone
"Into The Fire" - Bruce Springsteen
"Walk Through The Fire" - Peter Gabriel
"Smoke" - Ben Folds Five
"Fire Escape" - Diane Birch
"Jump Into The Fire" - Harry Nilsson
"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" - Neil Diamond
"Smoke & Ashes" - Tracy Chapman
"No Smoke Without Fire" - James Hunter
"Smoke Detector" - Rilo Kiley
"Lyin' In A Bed Of Fire" - Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul

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