12/31/2010 12:37 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Welcome To The Future": A Group Playlist for a Tweet New Year

I make a lot of playlists. Possibly some of you feel that I make too many -- and it's my resolution to make less of them for you in 2011. So I actually didn't make this playlist so much as I curated it. Rather than list my own favorites, I threw it open to 3,885 of my closest friends who currently follow me on twitter at @wildaboutmusic. Thankfully, they came through with a much more interesting selection of songs for this New Year's Eve and New Year's Day than I ever would have.

The Huffington Post and Twitter don't make me rich, but they do enrich my life by putting me in contact with so many intelligent individuals who are wild about music just like I am. So please have yourself a Happy HuffPost New Year and a very Tweet New Year.

"Welcome To The Future" - Brad Paisley
Thanks @ACantrellB

"The New Year" - Death Cab For Cutie
Thanks @taradublinrocks

"What Are You Doing New Year's Evening" - King Curtis
Thanks @marquee_man

"A Long December" - @countingcrows
Thanks @teensie1983

"Brand New Day" - Neil Patrick Harris
Thanks @TheOversat

"New Year's Day" - U2
Thanks @Clairvoyant94

"Happy New Year" - Abba
Thanks @Nightbird87

"Ding, Dong" - George Harrison
Thanks @marquee_man

"Another One Bites The Dust" - Queen
Thanks @Aquablue1431

"Goodbye To You" - Scandal
Thanks @eodbrt

"Years" - Beth Nielsen Chapman
Thanks @BPC360

"Ever Changing Times" - Aretha Franklin
Thanks @dreamheart

"364 Days To Go" - @BradPaisley
Thanks @Denise_BPfan

"Yesterdays" - Guns N' Roses
Thanks @equeen1022

"Hell Yeah" - Neil Diamond
Thanks @SoulM8dsunshine

"Happy New Year" - Todd Snider
Thanks @corcoran1973

"Dreams" - The Cranberries
Thanks @equeen1022

"In The New Year" - The Walkmen
Thanks @sachalecca

"One Drop" - Bob Marley
Thanks @gwendolbowling

"A New Shore" - Steven Page
Thanks "@andweallshineon

"Glad To Be Alive" - Joe Zelek
Thanks @Denise_BPfan

"It's Raining Me" - The Weather Girls
Thanks @lisamclisa23

"Hair Of The Dog" - Nazareth
Thanks @JeffNotlimah23

"New York And Light" - Stephen Pickering
Thanks @stephenpickering

"Time Warp" - @BradPaisley
Thanks @JoJo219

Please add your own songs for this New Year here -- or make it a resolution to follow me at @wildaboutmusic and do it there.

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