05/29/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Facebook: The Stupidity Epidemic

There's an epidemic of stupidity going on in the world today. It's called Facebook. Actually, it is on display on Facebook.

Now, don't get me wrong. I like Facebook. You can catch up with friends you never intended to talk to again after the fourth grade. You can see someone's kids who look just like him, but then again you don't even remember him anyway.

It's a great way to market products and services, because people are constantly "ADD'ing out" on Facebook.

It's a great way to post an emotion which no one cares about but you. "Today was a very pensive day for me." Really? Wonderful! You can have 10 people you don't really know agree or disagree with you about that.

People now are using Facebook to date. People will write things like, "I see you're friends with Bill. Me too! Haven't seen him in 30 years, but I thought we could get together and talk about Bill."

About a billion people are now on Facebook, and it's just brilliant. It really shows how intelligent our society as a whole has become.

Here's what's going on with Facebook besides posting emotions, and it's what prompted me to write this blog. I just saw someone post this on Facebook: "The family and I are about to go out of town. We're going to be away for 10 days in Europe starting on the 24th. The dog is at the sitters and, Oh God, I hope our house plants live!"

So here you are with probably hundreds of people -- your "friends" on Facebook -- who now know your house is going to be empty for 10 days. You have friends on there that you don't even really know exist, because some people ask everyone they can find to be friends just to be popular on Facebook. You don't really know a lot of these people though.

You could have a whole bunch of ex-cons as your Facebook friends. So when these people return from Europe to find that their house has been robbed, they will probably wonder how it happened. It's really not that hard to figure out!

On Facebook, you basically tell people where you live. Some people even put their home address on their profile. Are you kidding me? So when you tell everybody on Facebook that you and your family will be in Europe and the dog will be at a sitters, you are basically telling everyone on Facebook that your house is wide open for anyone to steal everything inside it.

You might as well give them instructions for how to get inside. "You have eight days, so if you can't pick the locks on the first day then you still have time to come back the next day and try again."

I mean, wake up! How ridiculously stupid have we become as a culture. We post all over the Internet where we're going to be and when.

It is like an engraved invitation to all the stalkers out there. "Hey, I'm going to be at Starbucks today from 3:00-5:00 pm. All stalkers please show up there and entertain me."

We have to stop being so open about everything. It's funny. In a society that's so otherwise paranoid, Facebook seems to be a place of security to so many people.

We're so nervous about real encounters with people. People are afraid to talk to strangers.

I can't tell you how many times I tell the people I'm coaching that they need to mingle and meet strangers every single day - and that strangers can become the best people to date. They are terrified to do that, but yet they will post on Facebook that they are leaving their house empty for 10 days while they go away on vacation.

Come on folks. Wake up! Be consistent. If you're going to post where you are at every hour of the day to hundreds or thousands of people, then you better start talking to strangers if you want to meet people. Really, you're inviting strangers into your house right now without even knowing it.