05/28/2010 02:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Bachelorette: How Far Will We Go to Find Love?

So the other night, I was channel surfing. I'm actually not much of a TV watcher, although I did watch the two and a half hour finale of Lost. I must tell you that it's a good thing they all remain lost, because that show made no sense the last couple of years.

Anyway, as I was channel surfing I stumbled upon the show The Bachelorette. Now, I haven't seen that show in years. I think I may have seen one episode of it a long time ago.

Apparently this woman who is "The Bachelorette" was originally on The Bachelor. She supposedly fell in love with "The Bachelor," but then decided to bail out of the running because of a dream job. Then after taking that dream job, and regretting that she didn't go with "The Bachelor," she decided to become the next "Bachelorette."

Are you following me so far? Good.

Anyway, the show is hilarious. Twenty-five guys competing for one girl. I must say, though, that these twenty-five guys were acting like a bunch of women. They were cat fighting, backstabbing, and living in fantasy land. It was ridiculous.

Ten of them didn't get picked (i.e., didn't get a rose). Every time they interviewed one of these guys, he would say something like, "I was in love with Ali. I really loved Ali."

Really? They didn't even know her, but yet they were in love with her? No, they were in love with whatever version of her they watched when she was on The Bachelor.

These reality shows are about as real as real cannot get. I mean, come on.

How would you like to be one woman (or one man) who is pursued by twenty-five members of the opposite sex all at one time? Then when you get private dates with them, you get to go to beautiful places like Turkey, Portugal and Spain and fall in love.

So, anyway, at the end of the episode she ended up picking fifteen of them. Out of the fifteen, only two of them had a personality.

One was actually smooth. He actually had confidence, and actually knew how to communicate with women.

There was another guy who is a wrestler who goes by the name of "Rated R." He is one of those entertainment wrestlers.

Apparently, the other guys were jealous of him, and didn't think he was on the show for the right reasons. So they voted him out in some secret ballot. He, of course, was able to convince "The Bachelorette" that he was there for all intents and purposes to fall in love with her.

Isn't it wonderful? Can you imagine being on a first date and having the other person say to you, "I'm here right now for all intents and purposes to fall in love with you. I don't know who you are, but I want to fall in love with you."

All of the guys were jealous that Rated R was able to stay. So one guy -- a little lawyer named Craig R -- decided to act like a little girl and said to The Bachelorette, "I don't think this guy is here for you. I don't think he supports you. I do." I mean, this show is ridiculous.

One guy made a scrapbook for her -- a woman he has never met before. A scrapbook. Can you imagine going out on a date, and a guy hands you a scrapbook of his life?

This is crazy stuff. I'm not making it up either.

Then there was one guy she picked that I call "The Mumbler." He mumbles everything. I was laughing so hard as I watched him, because I couldn't understand one word he was saying.

This is your entertainment America. Primetime summer entertainment.

So, will Ali find love? Who cares.

How about this? How would you like to go and have this kind of reality for yourself, i.e., twenty-five men (or women) competing for you? Wouldn't that be fun to do in a big, beautiful house?

It's just crazy. What are we going to do next for love? Send twenty-five people to the moon?